Stop the horrible embeds of Tweets by hipsters

JRed 8 months ago in Editorial • updated by J.G.M. 7 months ago 1

Just because some random person is pasting news into the newsletter doesn’t mean they carry any insght or wisdom. 


Earlier send time - I'm out here in NYC and didn't get The Hustle until noon!!!

sam 9 months ago in Deliverability • updated by Rods 8 months ago 1

It seems to be managed by seven guys who have beards and wear flannel, but can't change a tire.

hakkujin 8 months ago • updated 8 months ago 1

12/12/18: One company's stock going down 3% and another company's going down 1% is not a combined 4% dip.

occamsshavingkit 8 months ago in Editorial • updated 8 months ago 2

Headline: Amazon now produces its own toys, and Mattel and Hasbro saw their stocks dip a combined 4% upon hearing the news.

Article: After the news of Amazon’s plans surfaced, Mattel shares dropped more than 3% and Hasbro shares dropped more than 1%.

That's not how percentages work. It stretches credulity to say it is an honest mistake. Do better.


CEO believes that helping POC is discrimination

margaritasnatcher 8 months ago • updated by sam 8 months ago 3

Reverse racism doesn’t exist bro. How do POC and women on your team feel about working for you?