It seems to be managed by seven guys who have beards and wear flannel, but can't change a tire.

hakkujin 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 1

CEO believes that helping POC is discrimination

margaritasnatcher 10 months ago updated by sam 10 months ago 3

Reverse racism doesn’t exist bro. How do POC and women on your team feel about working for you? 


I guess you suck because you cannot make everyone happy! Keep trying. Actually I just want a shirt.

jgriffin5332 10 months ago 0

Sounds to me like some people just do not like the content that many others do. I love the content on most days. Keep up the good work and send me a shirt or you suck!


No more 5 minute long gifs! I always miss one slide, then have to wait for the whole thing to restart if I need context.

andre 10 months ago 0

I know it has been a while, but let's just make sure they stay away.


Your headline writers are not funny. What is this - the Skimm?

Bobby 10 months ago 0

You guys served boiled eggs at HustleCon. And yogurt. That's it. So weird! lolz

seantyson 10 months ago 0

No additional description needed. Up your food game guys! Plz! K thx bye.