Stop the horrible embeds of Tweets by hipsters

JRed 10 months ago in Editorial updated by J.G.M. 9 months ago 1

Just because some random person is pasting news into the newsletter doesn’t mean they carry any insght or wisdom. 


12/12/18: One company's stock going down 3% and another company's going down 1% is not a combined 4% dip.

occamsshavingkit 10 months ago in Editorial updated 10 months ago 2

Headline: Amazon now produces its own toys, and Mattel and Hasbro saw their stocks dip a combined 4% upon hearing the news.

Article: After the news of Amazon’s plans surfaced, Mattel shares dropped more than 3% and Hasbro shares dropped more than 1%.

That's not how percentages work. It stretches credulity to say it is an honest mistake. Do better.


Don't Recommend a Product w/ Fake Reviews

kylestenson 9 months ago in Editorial updated 9 months ago 2

Don't recommend a product that has a C, D, or F rating on Fakespot.com. it dings your credibility and rewards deceptive companies. 



nomoresmug 10 months ago in Editorial 0

Many stories carry undertones of you all being part of the coastal elite. Get outside of your bubble and quit being so smug.


Screw the grammar nazis posting on this.

Brandon 10 months ago in Editorial 0

If you are a hard, fast reader like me skimming each email for the goods during a busy day, I never find grammar incidents nor would I care. The core news and explanations behind why its happening or what it is, that is your value. Anything else people are complaining about (graphic design? Seriously people?), ignore it. Busy hustlers love the CONTENT. Only email I love seeing. Makes me smarter, makes me more prepared and sometimes even guides my own investment hypotheses. 


Stealing content from Reddit for your Shower Thoughts segment is lazy and unfunny.

fjfiqi 9 months ago in Editorial 0

If I wanted to read showerthoughts, I would go to Reddit. But I want more news and original content please!


Dollar General is not a "dollar store"

sutton.stokes 10 months ago in Editorial 0

That is all.


Your grammar is poor for a written work.

Rob 10 months ago in Editorial updated by JRed 10 months ago 2

I like the articles and what you have to say, but your grammar is not very good for something you hope a lot of people will read. I can find errors in your writing almost every day and there is always issues with your Sunday article. Sometimes I just stop reading when this happens. I find this especially sad because I am by no means a grammar and spelling wiz myself. Please try to improve this. Maybe try Grammarly or hire a proof reader.